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Blood and Love is an action assassin movie, an assassin named Drake (Peter Burke), he’s hired by an aspiring rising politician (Benjamin Myers) to help clean up a problem for him and his campaign. Drake is sent to a hotel to kill a lone woman that might hurt his client’s image and reputation. After watching and observing his target in a hotel. Drake suddenly finds himself falling in love with a woman named Gail (Gabrielle Loneck), the very same woman he was sent to kill. They start to find themselves spending time with each other. drake starts to learn more about her and becomes closer to her. Drake finds himself struggling with his newfound feelings. And he decides that he’s unable to finish the job. 

An assassin named Mark (John Jet) is a young assassin hired to take out members of a large crime syndicate. He follows orders from a mysterious caller that picks his targets. Mark is informed that his main target will be at a restaurant in the city. He seats up his shot for his kill and sees a woman that captures his mind and heart. Mark delays his kill order to meet her, he purposely bumps into a mysterious woman and falls for her. Instead of just doing his job Mark throws caution into the wind and breaks all the rules of an assassin to meet her. Mark cover is blown on his mission, he finds himself caught between love and a group of assassins hired to take him out.

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A ninja name Kenji must helps John , a young police detective to stop a criminal mastermind Devlin Black from casting the world into darkness by using a computer virus named “Project Phoenix” that can shut down every electronic computer device in the world. So, Kenji and John must fight through his personal army of mercenaries. While being hunted down by renegade ninjas lead by Tanaka. Now the stage is set for a battle between good and evil with the world at stake. Forget what you’ve seen, Hinin will take you to the next step in action films with stunning effects and hard martial arts action.

Special agent Baker wakes up in the secure lair of a deranged killer named “Reaper” because of his unusual way of doing things. Reaper forces Baker to play a dangerous game. He’s forced to fight and kill an assortment of killers in mortal combat. If reaches the number ten, he will be freed. Forget what you seen; the film 10 Kills will take you to dark and insane world.

A woman discovers terror in palm of her hands. A device that helps her communication and look in the unnatural world around her.