Assassin Movie – Dinner with an Assassin Recut

20051 hour 27 minutes

An assassin named Mark (John Jet) is a young assassin hired to take out members of a large crime syndicate. He follows orders from a mysterious caller that picks his targets. Mark is informed that his main target will be at a restaurant in the city. He seats up his shot for his kill and sees a woman that captures his mind and heart. Mark delays his kill order to meet her, he purposely bumps into a mysterious woman and falls for her. Instead of just doing his job Mark throws caution into the wind and breaks all the rules of an assassin to meet her. Mark cover is blown on his mission, he finds himself caught between love and a group of assassins hired to take him out.

This assassin movie has won several awards and received 5 star review from Dinner with an Assassin the second feature film from writer/director Bobby Guions who proves to be quite adept at handling a conventional premise with style and imagination.

assassin movie

Yet what he does best is to roll everything up into a tightly wound and slow-burning narrative that threatens to burst from the tension at any moment and finally does in a series of finely-executed plot twists and action sequences. This BG Films movie was official selection at The Houston Black film Festival and Atlanta Spaghetti Junction Film Festival.

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If you want to enjoy a great assassin movie with lots of action and great impact, then Dinner with an Assassin is definitely one of the options to consider. Dinner with an Assassin is an assassin movie that a lot of people enjoy because it’s a truly intense movie where you invest a lot of time trying to figure out the plot and how it will all come to fruition. The story itself is also very well created and it will keep you hooked as you try to figure out how it will all come together in the end.

In Dinner with an Assassin, you will follow the story of Mark. He is an assassin that was hired to take out the members of a very large drug syndicate. Instead of actually doing his job, mark ends up bumping into a very mysterious woman, and he falls for her. He actually breaks many assassin rules just to meet up and be wit her. Obviously, other assassins will try to kill him because he didn’t do his job.

Which is why he ends up between bullets, just because he decided to put love first. It’s a great story and one that you will cherish and enjoy just because it’s so intense and fun at the same time. It’s an original assassin movie that you can rarely find, and in the end it will bring in a lot of cool, engaging experiences. That’s what truly makes it worth it, and you will be amazed with the way it all comes together.

The best thing about Dinner with an Assassin is that it continues to add in new characters and interesting plot details all the time. It encourages you to think outside of the regular ideas as you try to figure out the solutions and unique ways it all comes together. That alone, combined with the engaging mechanics is what really pushes the experience to the next level.

Dinner with an Assassin is an assassin movie that actually makes you think. It’s continually encouraging you to try out something new and it’s extremely impressive how the story comes along right until the end. This assassin movie does a very good job at offering an exciting and fun experience, and you will find yourself extremely interesting as you go along. Not only that, but the introduction of a love story does make it feel a lot more interesting at the same time.

Overall, Dinner with an Assassin is a great assassin movie and a wonderful story of love, assassination and betrayal. It’s very well done, it has stellar performances, and a lot of people enjoy it. Plus, it continually brings in some creative ideas and it pushes the boundaries, while delivering a great conclusion. We recommend this assassin movie if you want something cool, exciting and a lot of fun. You can watch movie online and check it out and just immerse yourself into this world of assassins right away!

Directed by Bobby Guions


Ray arroyo
John Jet
Jennifer Brown
James Augustus Lee
Ray arroyo
Galway McCullough